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A homepage could be more than just a calling card.. Why not design a virtual office, integrating a booking system, database or Internet shop to it?
Special programs 
We specialize in building the software that compliments our client’s action processes.
-          Booking systems
-          Ordering systems
-          E-shop solutions
-          ActiveX components
-          Flash programs
-          Bank links
-          Client games
Intelligent programs
-          Artificial intelligence
-          Combinatorial and other optimisation problems 
-          Planning software and algorithms
-          Statistical software, machine learning, forecasting
-          Drivers for industrial and manufacturing machinery
-          Mathematical software 
-          GPGPU programming, parallel computing
-          Computer vision and image recognition
-          Robot software, agent technology
-          Robotics
-          Client databases
-          Stock databases
-          Sales databases
-          Archives
-          Banking
The programs and databases are meant for both local and public networks. Depending on the complexity of the information we opt for either a client-server or a three- or multiple layered application. Then we select a suitable development method for implementing the software. When developing the information systems we utilize mostly technologies such as MPI, OpenERP, C#, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, J2EE and XML.
PHP, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Javascript, AJAX, Perl;
Flash, ActiveX ja Java plug-in components, XML technologies;
C++, assembler, Matlab, C#, Java, J2EE, Python, Prolog, Haskell;
OpenCL, Cuda, Brook+, OpenGL GLSL, Direct3D HLSL, RapidMind, MPI;
Oracle, MySQL, Firebird database servers,
Oracle, JBoss, JOnAS application servers,
OpenERP CRM information systems 

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