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Reinu Pizza's client game
The visitor has to click on images corresponding the title above them as fast as possible. After successfully guessing all images, can the visitor enter the chart. The gameplay is timed.

Customer: Reinu Toidukaubad LLC
Implemented: September 2009

Dance & Art School Athena

Customer: NGO Loominguline Selts Athena Maja
Implemented: August 2009
In cooperation with: designer Katrin Kisand

Dolphin's Shirt Shop
Dolphin's Shirt Shop sells T-shirts manufactured in Estonia. The fabric is also produced in Estonia and is decorated with national patterns.

Customer: Delfiini Mängutuba LLC
Implemented: June 2009

MobiCom Ltd
One of the biggest providers of radio communication devices and related services in the Estonian telecommunications field.
In 2003 we created their previous homepage and recently built them a new and vast bilingual homepage with multiple-layer product descriptions.

Customer: MobiCom Ltd
Implemented: February 2008

Haljas Ltd
AS Haljas has developed into a highly respected food importer, exporter and wholesaler.

Customer: Haljas Ltd
Implemented: November 2006

Räpina Paper Mills Ltd
The company uses only scrap paper, collected in Estonia, as raw material.

Customer: Räpina Paper Mills Ltd
Implemented: August 2006
In cooperation with: Hai Advertising

The aim of BioSPINNO 2 Project is to increase the transition of the skills from science- and development institutions into entrepreneurship in the biotechnology field.

Customer: Eesti Biokeskus (Estonian Biocenter)
Implemented: May 2006
In cooperation with: Hai Advertising

A-Autokile LLC
The company’s field of operation is staining car- and house-windows, installing and selling security films, maintenance of the treated glass and consultation.

Customer: A-Autokile LLC
Implemented: May 2006

Silwi Autoehituse Ltd (Silwi Car Building)
Silwi specialises in rebuilding Mercedes Benz consumer vehicles into Sprinter and Vito special-order vehicles - from ambulance cars up to luxury buses.

Customer: Silberauto Ltd
Implemented: February 2006

Tartu Kunstikool (Tartu Art School)
Tartu Art School admits students, who have graduated elementary school, to the artistic design speciality. We added Trueweb content management to their newly designed homepage.

Customer: Tartu Kunstikool (Tartu Art School)
Implemented: December 2005

Silberauto / Mercedes Benz Estonia and Lithuania
Silberauto Ltd is the representative of Mercedes Benz in Estonia and Lithuania. The worldwide new design of Mercedes Benz’ homepages is served by Trueweb content management system.

Customer: Silberauto Ltd
Implemented: October 2005, January 2006

Revoli Grupp LLC
Revoli Grupp is an Estonian company, operating from the summer of 2003. Their main field of operation is rental of land digging technology, also carrying out earthwork.

Customer: Revoli Grupp LLC
Implemented: June 2005

Marjamaa Talu (Marjamaa Farm)
Marjamaa Talu is the biggest berry growing farm in Estonia – cultivating a field of approximately 20 hectares for this purpose. Starting from the summer of 2003, the farm is also operating as a vacation destination.

Customer: Marjamaa Talu (Marjamaa Farm)
Implemented: January 2005

Horse Show 2004
Tallinn International Horse Show is the biggest riding show in the Baltic Countries with participants from eleven states. The grandiose show has been held for four years and is quickly gaining popularity.

Customer: IHS LLC
Implemented: September 2004
In cooperation with: Amelia Grupp

Hirvemäe Puhkekeskus (Hirvemäe Resort)
The resort is located at an idyllic place in the province of Põlvamaa, near Värska hamlet, in the middle a beautiful pine-forest by the lake. The served food is excellent as well as the options for recreational activities.

Customer: Värska Vesi Ltd (Värska Water)
Implemented: August 2004

Hermannuse maja (Hermannus House)
We renewed the homepage of the company which offers accommodation in the city of Haapsalu.

Customer: Hermannuse Maja LLC
Implemented: April 2004

Garmoniis LLC
The main field of activity by Garmoniis OÜ is wholesale and retail trading of building materials.

Customer: Garmoniis LLC
Implemented: Aprill 2004

A cool bunch of people, who, in addition to other entertainment also arrange ski trips to theTatra Mountains. Their mission is to provide high-quality vacations and stimulating company.

Customer: Kanuumatkad LLC (Canoe Trips)
Implemented: October 2003

Pub „Vapper Mäger“ („Brave badger“)

Customer: Vapper Mäger LLC
Implemented: July 2003

MobiCom Ltd
One of the biggest providers of radio communication devices and related services in the Estonian telecommunications field.

Customer: MobiCom Ltd
Implemented: July 2003

Veterinaar- ja toidulaboratoorium (Veterinary- and Food Laboratory)
VTL is managed by the Estonian Ministry of Agriculture and has departments in Tallinn, Tartu, Rakvere and Saaremaa.

Customer: Veterinaar- ja toidulaboratoorium (Veterinary- and Food Laboratory)
Implemented: May 2003
In cooperation with: Hai Advertising

Värska Vesi Ltd (Värska Mineral Water)
Värska mineral water has been bottled in Värska already from the year 1973. It is a widely recognized brand and with our help is represented on the Internet since 2003.
At the homepage you will find thorough product introductions and popular-scientific explanations about the benefits of the mineral water.

Customer: Värska Vesi Ltd (Värska Mineral Water)
Implemented: April 2003

Hiieko Ltd
Hiieko Ltd is the first internationally recognised professional company in Estonia, which engineers, installs and maintains structured techno systems and automatics.
The homepage is in three languages. In addition there is an outstanding gallery of completed projects to be browsed, arranged by different attributes.

Customer: Hiieko Ltd
Implemented: March 2003
In cooperation with: Hai Advertising

Tartu Ülikooli Psühholoogia Osakond (Tartu University Psychology Department)
The Psychology Department is the oldest department in the faculty of social sciences in Tartu University.

Customer: Tartu Ülikooli Psühholoogia Osakond (Tartu University Psychology Department)
Implemented: February 2003

EPlast RSM Ltd
E-Plast RSM AS is a domestic capital-based producer and seller of non-standard polyethylene packaging materials.

Customer: EPlast RSM Ltd
Implemented: January 2003
In cooperation with: Hai Advertising

Advokaadibüroo Andrus Lillo (Andrus Lillo Law Office)

Customer: Advokaadibüroo Andrus Lillo (Andrus Lillo Law Office)
Implemented: December 2002

Eesti Euroopa Liikumine (European Movement Estonia)
We added a quiz to the already existing homepage, which has now been used for several years.

Customer: Eesti Euroopa Liikumine (European Movement Estonia)
Implemented: May 2002 and March 2003

Spice Avenue
Cooking has always been based on fantasy and creativity. Piprapood („Pepper Boutique“) is the Estonian representative of the German company „Hela“, who have over a century’s worth of experience in the field of culinary bliss.

Customer: Piprapood LLC
Implemented: May 2002

Lahendus.net (Solution.net)
Lahendus.net is a project organized by Estonian psychology students, who offer free psychological advice over the Internet by e-mail, in an environment, which is specially created for that cause. The counsellors are also willing to handle a client’s problem for a longer period.

Customer: Estonian Association of Psychology Students
Implemented: 8. November 2001
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