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Who are your clients? What kind of a homepage would they like to see?
When dealing with a B2B solution, visitors generally expect easy access to the necessary information in a way they are already accustomed to. Pages designed for campaigns, on the other hand, need to attract attention and employ enough novelties to keep the visitor intrigued. When designing our homepages, we never lose sight of the needs and requirements of the target group.
Ease of use.
The average visitor spends no more than 9-20 seconds on any one page, before deciding whether to investigate further or to move on. A lot of research is directed towards finding out what the specifics are that keep a visitor coming back. We utilise this information to keep creating homepages that keep attracting visitors.
Our designers are qualified specialists with several years of experience in the field of graphic design.
We do:
- Homepages
- Campaign pages
- Flash animations
- Banner advertising
- Digital product presentations
- Logos
- Company style

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