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The Trueweb content management system
Content management is the software that enables you to recreate and change the contents of your own homepage. There is no need to master any programming skills – everything is presented in a simple and intelligible graphic environment.  All you need are basic computer skills and you are set to go! The Trueweb content management is likely to be one of the best of its kind in Estonia, yet not without its own unique qualities.
Designed for the average user
When creating out content management software, we tailored it to the skill level of the average computer user. Updating takes place in the WYSIWYG environment, which enables the user to instantly witness the changes being made. Managing your homepage is solely web-based and can therefore be done from any computer with an Internet connection.
What does it offer?
The content management system enables the client to change the whole content – text, graphics, product catalogues etc. The client can create new articles and reposition the structure of the page. The system is simple, flexible and full of alternatives that satisfy the needs of the common user as well as the more refined requirements of owners of vast portals.

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