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Welcome to Trueweb!
Trueweb is an internet and software service provider specialising in creating user-friendly and dynamic homepages and building artificial intelligence based optimisation algorithms. Our range of internet-related products starts from calling-card type homepages and goes up to fully administrable Portals. Our objective is to create professional solutions in design and managment alike.
Planning algorithm for StaffLogic software
StaffLogic is manpower planning software developed by WebMedia. 
Trueweb/Simplify's responsibility in that project is designing and developing the algorithm for automatic work schedule planning, that is - solving the so-called "timetabling problem" as optimally as possible. That kind of problems belong to the NP-hard complexity class. 
Read further (simplify.ee)
Be the manager of your own homepage.
With the quick and easy Trueweb content management system, our clients can change and update their homepages with minimal effort and absolutely no programming skills. Every action is presented in a familiar and comprehendable graphic environment. The TrueWeb content management system is likely to be one of the best in Estonia.
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